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Poppy Seed (Posta Dana)
Product Description

Poppy Seed (Posta Dana) is the dried seed of Papaver somniferum, an erect annual herb, 30-150 cm long with a 0.5-1.5 cm thick stem. While the stem is glabrous with thick waxy coating, the leaves are numerous, alternate, spreading horizontally, to about 15-25 cm. Flowers are few, solitary, on a 10-15 cm long peduncle. The fruit is a capsule with waxy coating. Seeds are numerous, very small, white grey with an oily endosperm. Poppy is a self pollinated plant. The seed is the spice. The centre of origin of Poppy is the Western Mediterranean region of Europe. It is cultivated in India, Russia, Egypt, Yugoslavia, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, China, Japan, Argentina, Spain, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Portugal for its legal pharmaceutical use. It is cultivated in temperate and sub-tropical region and requires a well drained, highly fertile, light black cotton soil having a good percentage of fine sand. In India it is a licensed crop since the latex of the mature fruit are collected for the production of opium, a narcotic substance.  
The products are packed in specially designed laminated pouches to preserve their freshness, flavor and to enhance the shelf life. 


100% genuine Poppy Seeds .

Available Pack Sizes

100 gms